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A brief history of a shoe store in Val di Fiemme

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Not long into the twentieth century, Massimiliano Gardener decided to devote his professional life to being a shoemaker. This marked the moment when our shoe store in Val di Fiemme was founded.

Almost 30 years passed and then Silvio, Massimiliano’s son, decided to assist his father. During that time, Silvio lived for a period in Milan to learn the art of women’s shoemaking, a sector that was booming at that time.

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On his return from Lombardy, Silvio opened a new workshop in Cavalese. Here, in the 50s, he began to sell footwear, which he bought from the best artisans in Milan and Vigevano, as well as bags, which came from the leather masters of Florence.

And this was how our shoe store as we know it came to be. Over the years, Silvio’s children have taken over. The store was moved to via Bronzetti, right in the centre, and has been refurbished three times. First in the 70s, then in the 80s and finally, in the 90s.

The last renovation gave the shop its current appearance.

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